Cultivating Future Leaders

The Vision: To cultivate future leaders by providing youth and young adult development, training and access to higher education.

Leader is who has the wisdom to set an example of Persistence, Integrity, Honesty, Moral principle and Enthusiasm, that others will strive to follow. Leadership is a trait not discouraged by failure, but strength and activated by it, tried with the ability to share the pleasant and not pleasant with an attitude of progress.

Involvement is real, natural concern and interest in activities and needs of fellow human beings, and the commitment to improve the environment and life of others.

Allegiance is Loyalty and Devotion of a person to his or her purpose or cause. Built on heartfelt belief in one's obligation to, and fidelity to a principle or purpose.

November 2017 will mark our 30th year! God has blessed us to be of service to the community since 1987. We could not have done it without your love, prayers and support. Please continue to keep us uplifted in prayer as we strive to do God's will.